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Mycelium in liquid media - liquid culture

Mycelium in liquid media - liquid culture

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The mycelium is grown in a liquid medium.
It is used to inoculate sterile grain or new liquid cultures.
Since we grow many different types of mushrooms in Gobnjak, please write to us if you are interested in liquid cultures of any of the types of mushrooms that you cannot find on the website.
If we do not have the liquid culture in stock, it takes between two and three weeks to prepare it for you.


We charge a shipping fee for delivery.

Packages are sent on Tuesdays via Pošta Slovenije. You can expect delivery within three working days at the latest.


After opening the original packaging, the mycelium is best used at once, but before opening it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to several weeks.

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The mycelium connects

Did you know that the mycelium of certain types of fungi can bind the material on which it grows so strongly that various products can be created from it?

  • Less common types of fungi

    If you are interested in the mycelium of any of the species that you cannot find on the site, write to us. We may have it in our collection of edible and medicinal mushrooms.

  • The mycelium does not rest

    If the mycelium is left at room temperature, it may happen that it grows over the filter and forms mushrooms, so it is necessary to store it in a refrigerator (2-4°C).