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Mycelium cultivation workshop

Mycelium cultivation workshop

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In nature, mushrooms do not need a laboratory for their growth, but in mushroom cultivation it is indispensable. The workshop is intended for people with prior knowledge of mycology, for beginners we recommend attending a regular urban mushroom growing workshop before participating in the mycelium workshop. The workshop is advertised for 6 people.

The workshop covers:

THEORETICAL INTRODUCTION (preparation of agar, liquid cultures and sterilized grain)

– inoculation of petri dishes (with spores, fungal tissue and liquid culture)
– inoculation of liquid cultures
- inoculation of grain spawn with liquid culture

The workshop is based on practical work, where participants will learn how to prepare different media for the growth of mycelium, prepare their petri dishes with agar, liquid media and sterilized grain and inoculate them with the desired fungal culture.
Each participant takes home three inoculated petri dishes, a glass of liquid culture and a glass of inoculated grain, as well as one sterile syringe and needle for further work.

The workshop is held in Gobnjak at Večna pot 1, Ljubljana between 5 and 8 p.m.

If you come by car, you can park on the neighboring street Rožna dolina, street V, as parking is not possible right next to the building.

The workshop takes place with at least three applications, otherwise we will issue you a voucher for the workshop, which can be used in the next six months.

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First-hand experience

A picture can say more than 1000 words, and visiting a workshop can teach you more than 1000 pictures.

  • Workshop as a gift

    If you want to gift a visit to our workshop, we also offer gift vouchers .